Visiva4D is an innovative startup company with a team of specialists in remote sensing, geospatial engineering, geology, precision agriculture and aerial imagery. Created in 2016, Visiva4D provides to its clients high-quality but affordable geospatial information derived from satellite data and from aerial and UAV sensors, better known as drones.

Visiva4D sees in the technology integration and the complementarity of the capacities and professionalism the key to respond to the actual market dynamics. Working together with professionals, partner companies, research centres and institutions is a core philosophy of Visa4D. Thus, making Visiva4D GeoServices part of CloudEO GeoMarketplace is fully inline with this vision. Here customers and partners of the CloudEO sharing economy can benefit from Visiva4D capabilities and vice versa the production of delivery of Visiva4D services can be faster and more cost efficient through CloudEO's complementary marketing, sales and processing services.