Astro Digital

Astro Digital enables application developers to monitor the earth from space. In order to do this, the company builds a large constellation of small multi-spectral satellites. Besides they provide you with software for analyzing and distributing the data as well. One of the main purposes is to monitor commercially active land use at a high frequency, so that we can model global change and analyze local activity.

Astro Digital provides scientific-quality satellite data and scalable software infrastructure for building global analytical applications. The company builds and operates a constellation of satellites for multispectral monitoring of the entire landmass in 22 meters daily and 2.5 meters weekly augmented with Public Domain data from Landsat 8 and Sentinel-2 to build temporal patterns and detect off-pattern anomalies.

This change analysis can be used in a wide range of commercial applications from anomaly detection in precision farming to building models for crop risks and yield estimation for insurance and credit scoring in agricultural domain to detecting of construction and deforestation processes and other evidence of man-made activity in Land Use analysis domain.