Science Data Cloud

The European Space Agency (ESA) has funded the project Science Data Cloud within the framework Info as a Service Stimulus projects. The project is lead by CloudSigma. Planetek Italia and CloudEO contribute as project partners.

The Science Data Cloud combines a technology framework and a public cloud platform to provide Data-as-a-Service and Info-as-a-Service.

This enables a multi-layered ecosystem of services to evolve that leverages the value from EO data provided by the European Space Agency. The service is built on three stack layers, the front-end layer, orchestration layer, and infrastructure layer. The infrastructure layer consists of the cloud orchestration, provisioning platform, and core infrastructure, with data sets hosted in CloudSigma’s custom object storage solution.

Upon this, the Science Data PaaS layer is integrated to provide ontological data access and enable end-users to discover services via the CloudEO Geo Marketplace.

Finally, the framework is tested against a Flood Delineation for Damage Assessment use-case, with a flood occurrence application provided by Planetek IT. This demonstrates how end-users - such as regional civil protections agencies across Europe - can access datasets provided by ESA (including Sentinel-1) and process such data via the Flood Occurrence application.

Connecting the Science Data Cloud with CloudEO GeoMarketplace allows not only a cost efficient and fast production of the GeoService, but gives the service provider a global on-line marketing and sales channel.

Our vision is one where everyone can access data sets in an environment that allows immediate development and manipulation of the data and a ready onward market for the results of that effort.