GeoService providers cannot only use CloudEO GeoProduction Center to perform geoprocessing and use EOdata as a Service or software, but they can also offer these GeoServices to their customers through CloudEO Store and thus simplify and accelerate the whole workflow from order to the final delivery to the customer.

Different types of GeoServices can be offered:

  • One time analysis of certain areas: For example a customer can request for a certain area information about water quality derived from EO data. Either it is produced on demand for a time selected by the customer or it is preproduced and availalbe off-the-shelf.
  • Monitoring services, which provide an update of a certain analysis over time, e.g. to understand the seasonal changes of the extent of water bodies.
  • Understanding the past: GeoServices exploring the statistics in the past to understand better future developments.

Consumers of those services get the information layers as webservices to integrate those directly into their application or they get it as files for download.