OPUS is a cooperation between the German Aerospace Center (DLR) and CloudEO, to test how the advanced analytics developed by DLR can be made available to a larger community, which will be particularly useful to the value-adding industry.

An example for such an advanced analytic is "TimeScan". Here, spectral indices are derived not only from one single data set, but a detailed statistical analysis is performed over many data sets describing the characteristic of the land cover in a detailed and more meaningful way. For a given spot on Earth, you not only can see a normalized vegetation index, but also statistic parameters like mean and standard deviation. The results form an ideal basis for further analysis with new and higher resolution imagery or other measurements.

For this project, the entire datacubes of Landsat 8 imagery over Africa and Germany from 2013 and 2014 were analyzed. The results are now available by selecting the product "TimeScan" from the CloudEO GeoMarketplace.

If customers need to get this analysis over a different time period and for other areas, they will be able to request it through "TimeScan on Demand".

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