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The geoservice NakedEarth provides Digital Terrain Models (DTM) with a focus on preserving terrain features while removing surface features and is available off the shelf. It is ideal for orthorectification of imagery, mapping, 3D visualization and modeling of surface processes. The high quality 30-meter DTM is processed with Novlum’s proprietary DSM-to-DTM generation system, an efficient, scalable and fully-automated processor.

Recommended use 

Due to its comprehensive terrain elevation information, NakedEarth is the solution for all applications requiring bare earth elevation information on large and global scale. Thanks to the instant access of any area in the world, NakedEarth is suitable for time critical applications, e.g. natural disaster management and flood modelling, as well as cloud applications.

Product description 

The DTM of NakedEarth is derived from the globally available AW3D30 Digital Surface Model (DSM) and collected by the Advanced Land Observation Satellite (ALOS, © JAXA).

The Novlum DTM Processing System provides the following features:

  • proprietary fully-automated DSM-to-DTM generation software
  • artifact removal and void fill
  • terrain preservation (breaklines)
  • surface features removal (buildings, vegetation)
  • flattening of water bodies
  • maintaining accuracy, quality, and consistency of input DSM (statistically and qualitatively)

The DTM software removes artifacts (spikes, wells) comprised in the input DSM data set. Missing data is automatically interpolated by taking its contextual environment into consideration. Terrain breaklines are derived and used to preserve natural features such as ridges, valleys and
mountain tops. Besides, non-terrain features like settlements, roads and forests are identified based on public available ancillary data (settlement, forest, road network masks). In the process the heights of the objects are digitally removed by applying identification and classification algorithms. Large forests are removed using a non-linear model that considers tree height gradients.

Water bodies represented in the input data set are flattened. Lakes and reservoirs are leveled to a single elevation. Rivers and canals are created with monotonic flow. Bridges over water are removed to guarantee hydrological consistency. Ocean is set to 0-meter elevation.

The various input data formats for the generation of NakedEarth make this product a highly flexible service that can benefit customers working in agriculture, forestry, land planning, construction, etc.

Input Data for NakedEarth generation:

  • Digital Surface Model: AW3D30 (© JAXA)
  • Ancillary data
  • Forest Map (Univ. of Maryland)
  • Settlement Map (European Commission)
  • Water Body Data (SRTM, USGS)
  • Road network (Open Street Maps)

The product comes on cloudeo Workbench, which gives you access to the purchased data together with the possibility to upload your own software to process and analyse the data, or to choose from various geosoftware on cloudeo store.

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Off the shelf 



Pixel spacing 1 arcsec (30 m)


Vertical accuracy 5 m RMSE


Horizontal accuracy 5 m RMSE

Access mode 

cloudeo Workbench



Delivery time 

A few business days


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Please note 

  • Once you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. As soon as your workbench is ready, you will be informed and receive your credentials and a short user guide how to access it.
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