L8GENESIS - Monitor

L8GENESIS Monitor, Exogenesis

The GeoService L8GENESIS - Monitor provides ready-to-use results from Landsat-8 data and exposes you to a wide spectrum of insightful, index based end products for each of the four phenomenology domains: hydrological, vegetation, geological and impervious.

If you want to have regular updates on your phenomenology, then this is the right product for you. You just pick your area of interest and you will regularly be provided with indications you need for your business. For a detailed product description or use of archive data, please refer to L8GENESIS.

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L8GENESIS - Monitor



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ENVI / GSF, Harris Geospatial Solutions

On demand 


Update frequency 

Every new Landsat-8 data take

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Earth Insight L8GENESIS

Delivery time 

24 hours after data acquisition


Configure and order 

  • Area of interest (AOI): Select one of your AOIs from your profile or draw a polygon on the map to define a new one.
  • Phenomenology: Choose between the different options for each topic. Find more details in the brochure.
  • Always included: You will always receive the Foundation package which includes calibrations, transformations and composites.
  • Start date: Select the date when you like to get first access to the service.
  • Monitoring period: Select how long you wish to use the service.
  • Remarks: Insert here any questions or comments.

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