TimeCaster - SpaceQuest

TimeCaster - SpaceQuest, Maerospace Corporation

The GeoService TimeCaster™ - SpaceQuest is a unique solution making AIS data from Spacequest more useful. Simply feed into your maritime awareness application the TimeCaster™ message queue.

The TimeCaster™ big data analytics gives estimates on ship positions even when the last received satellite AIS signal is some time ago. It reduces ambiguities, shows the vessel’s tracks and forecasts routes and arrival times.

Our flexible pricing scheme with low entry packages and flat rates makes the service affordable for businesses of any size. You can maximize the flexibility by booking monthly or minimize costs by purchasing an annual subscription.

If you need historical data sets, choose our unique Global AIS Archive.

Your benefits 

Basic configuration

  • Know ship arrivals in advance and verify other sources such as crew reporting
  • Predict where a ship will be in the near future
  • Discover if a ship is making unauthorized port calls
  • Maintain compliance with Marine Insurance covenant
  • Track in real-time own and/or competitor’s fleet
  • Identify when a ship is attempting to hide by disabling its AIS

Advanced configurations

We are happy to provide more info on advanced configurations and help you in your use of AIS data. For example,

  • If you do not want to deal with cryptic AIS messages, ask us about subscriptions to customized reports.
  • Optional alerts: You can receive alerts for ships that stop transmitting for an unusually long time.

Product description 

Based on raw AIS data the TimeCaster™ service predicts the current and future positions of all ships globally as of a common time (“now” or in the near future).

  • Improved accuracy:
    TimeCaster™ improves accuracy of the actual and predicted ship positions by 4- to 14-fold compared to raw satellite and terrestrial AIS data. Raw AIS data position errors range from 75 - 160 nmi, while TimeCaster™ increases the accuracy to 10-30 nmi through the predictive analytics algorithms.
  • 10-Minute position updates on all ships globally:
    The service updates every ship position every 10 minutes. Other technologies only provide positions with an average age of 2+ hours and with age spreads ranging 10 minutes to more than 24 hours. TimeCaster™ also predicts all ship positions several hours into the future.
  • Less ambiguous:
    The service automatically detects, tracks and predicts locations for Doppelgangers. Doppelgangers present a significant issue: 9,000+ MMSI’s (i.e. ship identity numbers) are used by more than one ship every day. The existence of a Doppelganger can cause a ship to disappear from a display, makes the static (e.g. name, IMO number) and voyage (e.g. destination) data ambiguous and makes track histories unreliable.
  • Easy to integrate:
    TimeCaster™ provides a data stream that can directly feed your existing display and analytics systems. It supports NMEA4, OTH-Gold or customized data interface standards.

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Start date
E.g., 2018-12-09
TimeCaster - SpaceQuest



Powered by 

SpaceQuest satellite AIS data

Off the shelf 


Update frequency 

Real time service, all vessel messages w/o satellite delay

Position update 

Every 10 min

Position accuracy 

4x better than raw AIS data

Access mode 

Filetransfer, API

Setup time 

2 weeks



Configure and order 

  • Maximum number of vessels: Select the desired number of vessels to track.
  • Configuration: The standard configuration grants access to one named user and is valid for internal usage.
  • License: The license allows internal usage by either one or up to ten users. A user is defined by a unique email address used by only one staff member. If more users from your company want to access the service, please select the appropriate option and provide us a list of emails. The use is limited to internal use. External usage can be granted at additional costs and on revenue share basis.
  • Start date: Select the date when your service shall start.
  • Subscription period: Select how long you like to have access to your service
  • Remarks: Insert any questions or comments here.

Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • Daily reports instead of live streams
  • Fleet reports and alerts can be configured to simplify the usage of this advanced AIS data
  • Special services designed for oil trading are available
  • External usage can be granted at additional costs
  • TimeCaster™ AIS data can be combined with optical or SAR satellite imagery from cloudeo for increased maritime situation awareness

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