Satellite AIS - Archive

Satellite AIS Archive, SpaceQuest

Satellite AIS - Archive gives insights about where certain ships have been in the past and provides detection on ocean and inland waterways. It helps users to understand the ship traffic around certain regions and to analyse tracks of LNG vessels. As an Add-on, AIS data enhanced by TimeCaster is availbale as well.


For detailed information on the advantages of AIS, visit our "Realities of S-AIS" blog series:


Recommended use

Commodity traders, insurance and environmental agencies find information about ship and cargo movements in the past. The satellite based AIS gives insight not only to coastal areas, but also to movements on the ocean and within inland waters.

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Satellite AIS - Archive



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Worldwide since 2009

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2 weeks



Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the configuration of the service, on the type of ships tracked or of the size of the monitoring area and the length of the monitoring period. SpaceQuest AIS EULA and cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.