KOMPSAT-5 Tasking

KOMPSAT-5, KOMPSAT-5 Tasking, SI Imaging Services
  • Get high quality satellite imagery through SAR technology
  • Multiple acquisition modes available
  • Extra wide swath with 100 km
  • Ultrahigh mode with up to 0.85 m
  • Use for regular monitoring and change detection
  • Enhance your maritime awareness


KOMPSAT-5 Tasking provides SAR imagery with up to 0.85 m resolution. SAR imagery are widely used where independent from cloud cover and daylight reliable images need to be taken. Here you can request tasking in multiple modes. If you need the data only for a short time, you can select a timed licence for 3, 6 or 12 months.

KOMPSAT-5 provides SAR imagery in 3 observation modes since 2014 and the archive is increasing rapidly. If you like to use archive data, please refer to the following products:

  • KOMPSAT-5 Archive HR: Find here KOMPSAT-5 archive in high resolution mode with a swath width of 5 km and a resolution of 1 m.
  • KOMPSAT-5 Archive ST: Find here KOMPSAT-5 archive in standard mode with a swath width of 30 km and a resolution of 3 m - 7.9 m
  • KOMPSAT-5 Archive WS: Find here KOMPSAT-5 archive imagery with swath width of up to 100 km and a resolution of 20 m

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Please provide the following information before placing your order: 1) Term of Validity; 2) Tilt angle (single -55 ~ -20); 3) Number of scenes
KOMPSAT-5 Tasking



Off the shelf 


On demand 

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HighRes 1 m, Standard 3 m, WideSwath 20 m

Access mode 

Filetransfer, cloudeo Workbench



Delivery time 

A few business days


Recommended use 

Synthetic aperture radar (SAR) satellite images are widely used in target recognition tasks such as Topography (DEM generation with interferometry), Change detection and surveillance, agriculture monitoring (crop classification, soil moisture, geology, volcano and earthquake monitoring, maritime applications like oil spill monitoring and ship detection.

Specific software is available to simplify the use of the imagery and extract reliable information. Contact us if you like to use such software as a service together with optimized IT.

Product description 

KOMPSAT-5 was launched in 2014. The X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) executes all weather and all day observations and provides various information for GIS (Geographical Information Systems), for ocean monitoring, land management, disaster monitoring and environment monitoring.

The imagery can be taken at 6:00 am in the morning and evening. They are available in 3 observation modes. High resolution imagery can be provided with a swath width of 5 km and a resolution up to 0.85 m. The standard mode provides imagery with a swath width of 30 km and a resolution of 3 m - 7.9 m. Extra wide swath of 100 km can be achieved with a resolution of 20 m. For all observation modes the user can select between HH, VV, HV, or VH polarization.

For universities, an academic discount is available. Please provide a short description of your project if you wish to apply for this discount.

Configure and order 

  • Area of interest (AOI): Draw a polygon on the map to define your AOI.
  • Imaging mode, Polarization, Product level, Orbit direction: Select the options which suit your application.
  • License: You can select a time license (3 months, 6 months,12 months) or a permanent license.
  • Remarks: Insert here any questions or comments.
  • Requirements: Please provide the requested information for your order.

Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible, including academic discounts. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • Different data acquisition modes, including stereo imagery to derive 3D models
  • Repetitive acquisitions for monitoring purpose
  • Multi-user licenses for larger enterprises
  • If you want to use the product for development please check KOMPSAT Development Workbench.
  • For time licenses a cloudeo Workbench is required. The workbench is not included in the calculated price. It can be ordered here: cloudeo Workbench. If you already have a workbench, just contact us.
  • Volume discounts for larger areas available

Pricing / Licensing 

The calculated price is valid for internal usage by 5 users and is based on the size of the selected area, the type of license and discount, if applicable.

KOMPSAT-5 EULA and cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply. In addition, for time licenses it is prohibited to download the product or any derived data sets, which would allow to reengineer the product. For all other derived data sets, you can request download through cloudeo checkout.