TripleSat Constellation Tasking

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Image archives are useful for a time-series of images to map or monitor an Area of Interest.

But when more recent images of a specific area are needed, TripleSat Constellation Tasking lets you do just that.

With a standard tasking window of 45 to 90 days (depending on weather conditions), customers can request high-resolution images (0.8 m for panchromatic imagery, 3.2 m for multispectral imagery) for all parts of the globe (excluding China).

Product description 

With TripleSat Constellation Tasking, customers can essentially fly their own earth observation missions. Within a standard tasking window of 45 days (under good weather conditions) to 90 days (for bad weather conditions), they can request panchromatic imagery (PAN) in a resolution of 0.8 m, or multispectral imagery in 3.2 m, for any area in the world excluding China (minimum order for tasking service is 100 km2, minimum length of each side of the polygon is 5 km).

TripleSat Constellation data can be used to identify and analyze nearly 100 different land cover features, from man-made structures and surfaces to agriculture fields, bodies of water, bare land and rock, forests, etc. A time series of images can be used to detect or monitor change in areas and features of interest for applications like insurance, environmental regulation, and Business Intelligence.

For more information on TripleSat Constellation imagery, please see the TripleSat Constellation Archive.


Delivery package specifications

    L1 (with RPCs):
  • Bundle:PAN + 4 MS bands (R/G/B/NIR), TIFF
    L2 (no RPCs):
  • Bundle: PAN + 4 MS bands (R/G/B/NIR), GeoTIFF
  • Pansharpened Nature Color (R/G/B), GeoTIFF
  • Pansharpened Color Infrared (R/G/NIR), GeoTIFF
  • Pansharpened 4 bands (R/G/B/NIR), GeoTIFF

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TripleSat Constellation Tasking



On demand 

Worldwide excl. China territory


0.8 m with 23.4 km swath width


4 channel multispectral data (B/G/R/NIR)

Geolocation accuracy 

<50 m CE90 at Nadir

Acquisition capacity 

500,000 km²/day

Incidence angle 

<35 degrees

Access mode 



TIFF (L1), GeoTIFF (L2)


Please note 

  • For ortho and mosaic products please contact us.
  • The service is available for customers living in one of the following countries:
    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Croatia, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Cyprus, United Kingdom

Pricing / Licensing 

The minimum order size for this service is 100 km2, with a minimum length of each side of the polygon of 5 km.
The price is 13.50 €/km2 with a cloud coverage ≤ 15 %. The price will increase by 25 % for a cloud coverage ≤ 10 % and by 50 % for a cloud coverage ≤ 5 %.
21AT EULA and cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.