PlanetDEM 30 Plus

PlanetDEM 30 Plus, PlanetObserver

PlanetDEM 30 Plus is a global Digital Elevation Model (DEM) that offers reliable, seamless and accurate data with 30-meter resolution for the Earth's entire land surface. Based on worldwide homogenous SRTM data, PlanetDEM is easy to use for everyone who needs a reliable overview on the terrain for large areas. The product is most cost efficient and available with permanent or time licenses. Just choose your preferred subscription period below.


Recommended use

PlanetDEM 30 Plus provides reliable elevation data worldwide. It is the new multi-source global elevation model processed from SRTM 30 m data (Shuttle Radar Topography Mission) entirely corrected and completed with many other high quality source data (cartographic, etc.).
Advanced processing techniques developed by PlanetObserver have been used to compile and extensively reprocess those multi-source data. The resulting PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation product is a comprehensive global Digital Elevation Model at 30 m resolution offering detailed, accurate and reliable information for the entire Earth.

Accurate elevation data 

The overall accuracy of PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation product is a major asset for many applications, even the most sensitive. PlanetDEM 30 Plus global elevation model is ideal for many projects:

  • Visualization and simulation solutions
  • 3D modeling applications
  • Satellite imagery orthorectification
  • Creation of embedded database, particularly for the Defense industry
  • Mapping solutions
  • Energy exploration and geological surveys

PlanetDEM benefits

  • Global: full coverage of all Earth’s landmass
  • Reliable: correction of all void areas and remaining artifacts in SRTM 30 m source data
  • Accurate: 30 m resolution globally offering the required accuracy of DTED standards
  • Seamless: advanced seamless processing of all multi-source data
  • Cost effective: affordable pricing with special packages for global and continental coverages
  • Available off-the-shelf: in all professional file formats (GeoTiff and DTED)
  • Customized delivery: from the global product to any area of interest

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PlanetDEM 30 Plus



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30m, SRTM data corrected using different sources (ASTER etc)

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cloudeo Workbench, Filetransfer




Customer references 

The product is used by many companies, as Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Defence & Space, BRGM (French Geological Survey), CNES (French Space Agency), ESA, Meteo France (French Meteorological Institute), RapidEye, Thales

Please note 

Beyond the standard options individual product configurations are possible. Our GeoExperts are standing by to optimize the product configuration according to your needs. Just contact us.

  • For time licences a cloudeo Workbench is required. The workbench is not included in the calculated price. It can be ordered here: cloudeo Workbench.
  • Volume discounts for larger areas, especially for continent subsets or global data sets are available.
  • At a small surcharge enterprise licences for multiple users within and across organisations are available.
  • External usage can be granted at additional costs.

Pricing / Licensing 

The pricing is based on the size of the selected area, the length of the subscription period and the number of accounts. The minimum order value is € 21.-.The calculated price covers the use according to the base license of PlanetObserver and is for internal use for up to 5 users. Discounts for academia can be granted.

PlanetObserver Base License Model and cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.