NEXTMap Analytics - Value

The geoservice NEXTMap Analytics – Value provides precise information at any point in the world. Based upon highly accurate NEXTMap foundation data products, Value retrieves accurate information at a precise location. Value gives your business fast access to accurate information for your assets and analysis anywhere in the world without the need to manage and host data. The Service is available through our cloudeo NEXTMap Analytics web app.

Recommended use 

The NEXTMap Analytics – Value service is particularly useful for any user in the telecommunication industry looking for valuable information on terrain/surface structure. Combined with our other services Profile and Viewshed -all accessible through our cloudeo NEXTMap Analytics web app-Value provides you with valuable information for line of sight and microwave link design when planning for new towers and upgrading existing networks coverage.

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NEXTMap Analytics - Value



Powered by 

Intermap NEXTMap

Off the shelf 

Western Europe and USA (DSM & DTM - NEXTMap 5)


Worldwide (DSM - NEXTMap World 10)


Up to 5 m posted (DSM / DTM)

Abs vertical accuracy 

Up to 1 m RMSE (1.65 m LE90) (DSM / DTM)


Configure and order 

  • Quantity: Select your desired amount of terrain profiles.
  • Start date: Select the date when you like to get first access to the service.
  • Subscription period: Select how long you wish to use the service.
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Please note 

  • The values expire after the subscription period.
  • Larger value quantities are available with additional volume discount on request. License restrictions may apply for risk assessment applications.

Pricing / Licensing