NEXTMap 5 as a Service

NEXTMap 5 as a Service, Intermap Technologies

NEXTMap 5 as a Service provides seamless digital elevation data and images on a subscription basis (DaaS) with data available for 36 countries around the world. NEXTMap 5 has been collected using highly advanced technologies (airborne IFSAR sensor), to enable accurate geospatial analyses with homogeneous quality on wide areas. It is ideal for a broad variety of fields, including engineering, infrastructure planning, environmental analysis, emergency response as well as Regional and National Mapping.


Recommended use

NEXTMap 5 as a Service is ideal for in-depth planning purposes that require thorough attention to detail and high accuracy. Engineers and professionals from private companies, consulting firms, research institutes, and governative institutions can benefit from this cost-effiecive service. You can choose the most suitable time license for your individual needs.

NEXTMap 5 as a Service provides the essential data to design, planning, and monitor a wide variety of projects, spanning from Infrastructure planning, RF design & planning, viewshed analysis, emergency response, land cover classification, environmental risk analysis, and to define for example the location of radio relay systems or cellular communication towers.

Product description 

NEXTMap 5 as a Service provides seamless, homogeneous, and high resolution digital elevation data and images for Western Europe and America (on-demand), collected using advanced technologies, to enable accurate geospatial analysis across the globe.

The NEXTMap 5 as a Service high-resolution database consists of:

  • A digital surface model (DSM) containing elevations of natural terrain features, in addition to vegetation and cultural features such as buildings.
  • A digital terrain model (DTM), or bare-Earth model, produced by manually editing the DSM to remove vegetation and cultural features, leaving only elevations of natural terrain features.
  • An orthorectified radar image (ORI) offering a high-resolution, realistic view of topographic features like rivers and road networks, which can be produced regardless of cloud cover (unlike optical satellite imagery). This is effective for detailed feature collection.

Key features and benefits:

  • Current terrain data, updated continuously, allowing more accurate cross-border geospatial analysis
  • Void-filled to eliminate gaps and interpolated data, allowing users to plan across large areas without worrying about seam lines or random errors
  • Intermap’s IFSAR sensors penetrate clouds, smoke and haze to produce sharp, cloud-free, highly detailed images in all weather conditions
  • Off the shelf country wide DTM and DSM mosaics for large projects

The product comes on cloudeo Workbench, which gives you access to the purchased elevation data together with possibility to upload your own software to process and analyse the data, or to choose from various geosoftware on cloudeo store

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How to define an AOI?
How to define an AOI

Draw AOI
Use to draw your AOI, double click to finish a polygon. You can edit your polygon with If you want to delete a polygon use to select it and click on .
Upload AOI as KML/KMZ
Click on to go to your AOI page:
  • Here you can upload your AOI (area of interest) as KML/KMZ files.
  • The programm will use the first valid polygon in the file.
  • Please refresh the product page in your browser if you make any changes at the AOI page!
NEXTMap 5 as a Service



Off the shelf 

Western Europe and USA

On demand 

Contact us for other areas


DTM and DSM: Posting 5 m, Accuracy 2 m RMSE


Vertical accuracy 1m RMSE (unobstructed, slopes < 10°)

Short text 

ORI: 1.25 m, Accuracy 2 m RMSE

Delivery time 

A few business days



Configure and order 

  • Area of interest (AOI): Select one of your AOIs from your profile or draw a polygon on the map to define a new one. For best results we recommend to use areas with less than 900 km².
  • Datasets: Choose which type of datasets you wish to use with the service.
  • Additional datasets: You may select the ORI as additional dataset.
  • License: You can select a time license (1 month, 6 months, 12 months) or a permanent license.
  • Please note: Time licenses require a cloudeo Workbench which you need to order separately.
  • Remarks: Insert here any questions or comments.

Please note 

  • All pricing is based on a per square kilometer (km2) basis for single commercial use.
  • Orders of over 10,000 km2 require approval from Intermap.
  • The delivery time may extend to 2-3 weeks, based on an order of 20,000 km2.
  • NEXTMap 5 data may not be available in all regions. Please contact us for more information.

Pricing / Licensing