eoWaterQuality, EOMAP

The GeoService eoWaterQuality can provide quantitative information on turbidity, chlorophyll, and organic matter concentrations of the water column. For these, a range of temporal and spatial resolutions are available. From daily 500 m products to weekly 30 m data as well as high resolution 5m to 2m data on request.

The EOMAP customisable workspaces and EOMAP mobile applications can further simplify access to these information layers, enabling users to quickly visualise and share relevant information over the target area.

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How to define an AOI?
How to define an AOI

Draw AOI
Use to draw your AOI, double click to finish a polygon. You can edit your polygon with If you want to delete a polygon use to select it and click on .
Upload AOI as KML/KMZ
Click on to go to your AOI page:
  • Here you can upload your AOI (area of interest) as KML/KMZ files.
  • The programm will use the first valid polygon in the file.
  • Please refresh the product page in your browser if you make any changes at the AOI page!
Start date
E.g., 2018-12-09



Powered by 

500 m: Sentinel-3, MODIS, Aqua & Terra, MERIS


30 m: Sentinel-2, Landsat-7, Landsat-8

On demand 

Worldwide, feasibility study required

Update frequency 

Daily, weekly


500 m, 30 m

Access mode 




Delivery time 

A few business days


Please note 

  • The marine and inland water environment is a critical resource which is being impacted from a variety of sources, both natural and anthropogenic. Monitoring and managing this aquatic environment is challenging due to factors such as spatial scales, high temporal variability, geographical and political extent, accessibility of locations, and subjectivity of measurements.
  • Estimating water quality from satellite is not always possible. Don't worry, if for whatever reasons, your selected area cannot be covered, we will reimburse the service. We will let you know quickly after your order.

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