DEIMOS-2 Imagery

DEIMOS-2, DEIMOS-2 Imagery, Deimos Imaging

DEIMOS-2 Imagery are optimised for high frequent monitoring and large scale country and continental coverages. DEIMOS-2, launched on June 19 2014, is a very-high-resolution 5-band multispectral commercial satellite, fully owned and operated by Deimos Imaging, a Spanish private company. It is the highest-resolution fully private satellite in Europe, and one of the very few privately-owned submetric satellites in the world.
Designed and built by Deimos Imaging in cooperation with Satrec-I, it has been integrated and tested in Spain in the brand new premises of Deimos Imaging Satellite Systems.

Operating at an altitude of 620 km, DEIMOS-2 provides 75 cm pansharpened imagery, and 75 cm panchromatic and 3 m multispectral imagery. DEIMOS-2 has an average revisit time of 2 days worldwide and is capable of collecting up to 150,000 km2 of 5-band imagery per day.

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DEIMOS-2 Imagery



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