BigDataCube - Terrain Profile

The cloudeo BigDataCube web app provides user-friendly access to accurate and reliable terrain profiles anywhere on the globe, without the need to manage any data. This service is particularly helpful for users in the telecommunication industry looking for detail information on terrain/surface structure and for line of sight and microwave link design when planning for new towers and upgrading existing networks coverage.

Locally, NEXTMap 5 and PlanetDEM 30 Plus elevation data are registered and accessed through rasdaman. The Intermap NEXTMap data has 5m resolution and absolute vertical accuracy 1m RMSE (1.65m LE90); a digital surface model (DSM), as well as a digital terrain model (DTM) with features such as buildings and trees removed are available. The Planet Observer PlanetDEM data is SRTM 30m resolution, and is bundled with other source data (ASTER, cartographic, etc.).

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BigDataCube - Terrain Profile



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