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Landsat-8 Workbench, cloudeo AG

The Landsat-8 Workbench gives you easy access to the latest Landsat-8 imagery for your area of interest. All new Landsat-8 images will be uploaded to your workbench automatically.

The workbench comes with the latest ENVI and IDL software readily installed and can be combined with the most comprehensive analysis tool for Landsat-8, the L8GENESIS software from Exogenesis.

L8GENESIS is a great asset for any geospatial professional, looking to quickly process, transform, and generate products from Landsat-8 imagery. With one single command a very comprehensive phenomenology analysis is performed for a complete Landsat scene in only a few minutes.

With L8GENESIS even novices in remote sensing can explore the versatility of Landsat-8 imagery for vegetation and geological applications, water analysis or visualisation of manmade construction.

Recommended use 

If just being provided with the Landsat imagery is not enough for you and you would like to explore much more of the information, that’s hidden behind it, the Landsat-8 Workbench is ideal for you.
Without the hassle of data search and download, the latest imagery of Landsat-8 is automatically being uploaded to your Workbench and if you choose L8GENESIS, you can already find the data ready to use for your further analysis with each scene.

Choose between the basic package, L8GENESIS Foundation, which provides you with handy and already calibrated data for safe and quick analytics or the Standard indices to get an immediate insight into different phenomenologies of the site in addition.

Product description 

The Landsat-8 Workbench gives easy access to Landsat-8 imagery. Within the subscription period all new acquired Landsat imagery is automatically being uploaded to the workbench for immediate use. No search for data, no downloads needed.

Of course, you can upload any data of your own to the workbench as well. For any Landsat-8 data you can use L8GENESIS yourself to trigger the extraction of the desired indices. The fully automated software toolkit processes Landsat-8 OLI and TIRS data for you and extracts information without the need for further software.

It allows automated batch processing of any number of compressed Landsat-8 .tar.gz files, it decompresses them, stacks individual bands into data-cubes, performs radiance, reflectance and temperature calibration, applies image transformations, masks and quality assessments. Just copy the Landsat-8 scenes into the L8GENESIS input folder on your desktop and wait for your results in the output folder.

Choose between the L8GENESIS Foundation, providing the most used Landsat-8 analytics with a one click solution, or L8GENESIS Standard providing more than 50 standard indices in addition to assess different types of phenomenology.

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Landsat-8 Workbench



Powered by 

L8GENESIS, Exogenesis


ENVI, Harris Geospatial Solutions

Access mode 

cloudeo Workbench

Delivery time 

A few business days


Configure and order 

  • Area of interest (AOI): Use the map to define your AOI for which you like to get Landsat-8 imagery. Please note that the area should not exceed 100,000 km2.
  • L8GENESIS package: Select the software package you like to have installed on your workbench in addition.
  • Additional software (optional): This software package may also get installed on your workbench.
  • IT configuration: Select the type of workbench where the software should get installed for you. We recommend cloudeo Workbench Standard or Standard PLUS. It is easy to upgrade if you need more power or storage. If you already own a workbench that you wish to use, please contact us.
  • Apply for discount: Universities can apply for an academic discount.
  • Start date: Select the date when you want to get first access to your workbench. Please be aware that we need some business days to set it up for you.
  • Subscription period: Select how long you wish to have access to your workbench.
  • Remarks: Insert here any questions or comments.

Once you placed your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. As soon as your workbench is ready, you will be informed and receive your credentials and a short user guide how to access it.

Please note 

  • If you would like to use L8GENESIS only once of twice for selected scenes from the past, we suggest to visit L8GENESIS.
  • If you would like to use L8GENESIS to monitor a certain area on a regular basis without having to access the data yourself but only getting the results, please consider to book our L8GENESIS monitoring GeoService here.

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