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Did you ever want to take a bird’s eye view of your patch of land?

Subscribe to the webservice ShowMySite and see how your site looks from space - not only how it looks right now, but also how it changed over the last years.

Powered by DigitalGlobe Basemap you find for almost any spot on earth images with a resolution up to 0.31 m. The images go back several years in time representing the status and development on the ground and are a great source for real estate brokerages, insurance companies and essentially everyone who is interested in monitoring the development of a specific site.

Product description 

Subscribers of ShowMySite get location-specific access to the most accurate and up-to-date high resolution satellite imagery in RGB format. The service is easily accessible online via a web client, and enables its users to select any 1 km2 area, anywhere in the world, and see the most recent as well as historical images of the selected area.

ShowMySite is based on DigitalGlobe Basemap; the service provides accurate, orthorectified images that are mosaicked to deliver a seamless basemap of all countries in the world. ShowMySite has all the features and benefits of the original basemap.

ShowMySite is more than just viewing images, users can download their favourite views to enrich their documentations and marketing material.

The service ShowMySite is available with flexible subscription plans allowing a certain number of image views (=transactions) per subscription period.

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Start date
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Powered by 

DigitalGlobe EarthWatch

Update frequency 

Continuous updates

Timeliness of data 

> 3 months, for most areas more recent than 1 year


up to 0,31 m


API on request


Configure and order 

  • Number of detailed views: Select the desired number of image views.
  • Start date: Select the date when you like to get first access to the service.
  • Subscription period: The service is available for one year. Any unused views will be no longer valid after this period.
  • Remarks: If you have some questions or comments, please just insert them into the remarks field.

Once we receive your order, you will get a confirmation e-mail with further information and find the order in your user profile.

Please note 

  • If you like to integrate this service in your own application, we can provide an API. Our experts will help you to easily set it up.
  • Downloading the images is limited to 10 per hour and 30 per day.

Pricing / Licensing 

Any downloaded images are for internal use only, but may be used in marketing material. Copyright "© DigitalGlobe" needs to be added within or adjacent to the imagery. cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.