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The cloudeo Workbench gives you pay-per-use access to a powerful virtual desktop configured for geoprocessing. You can connect through your browser and perform your remote sensing and GIS workflows with the same look and feel as in your current desktop environment.

With cloudeo Workbench you can save time and costs and you can easily publish your results. It can be connected to data archives and comes with readily installed remote sensing and GIS software of your choice (QGIS, GAIA or ESA Sentinel Toolbox). You can use COTS software and a wide range of GeoData as a Service on a pay-per-use basis. You pay only for data, software and IT as long as you need them. If you want to use your own data or software, simply upload them into your private workspace and combine them with the offering on cloudeo Workbench.

Once your workbench is ready, you will get your personal login details from our service team. These credentials allow you to access your workbench from any device through your web-browser. You will also be able to upload your own data onto your workbench and install your own software.

Recommended use 

Save time and costs using cloudeo Workbench: Remote sensing and GIS experts scale their geoprocessing tasks without investing in new IT and permanent software licenses.

Scale your geoprocessing exactly according your needs: If you have established your desktop workflow - simply upload the software applications and geodata you need to your cloudeo Workbench and use latest IT-technology to access data and execute your processing.

Test new software: Use short term licenses to simply test new software without any need to involve your inhouse IT administration and without any changes to your IT configuration.

Enable partner companies to edit your data without handing them out: Many production chains need manual editing. On cloudeo Workbench you can give easy access to your data and software application to anyone across the globe. He will experience high performance. Software and data remain safely on your workbench at our BSI certified data center in Germany. Security for your data and intellectual property is most important for us.

Benefit from cloudeo’s time-based licenses for geodata: On cloudeo Workbench we can securely control the access to geodata without any administration overhead. So for the first time in the EO-market you find on cloudeo remote sensing data as a service with pay-per-use and field-of-use business models.

On a monthly basis you get access to professional Geo-IT software packages and cutting edge IT-power designed for remote sensing and GIS workflows. In addition you will find ready installed open source software on your Workbench for GIS-workflows (as QGIS) and documentation (as LibreOffice). Save costs for geodata, when using them only for a short time. Check out our offerings from innovative content providers.

cloudeo platform is built for the needs of geoprocessing in the cloud. Both server workflows as well as interactive desktop workflows are executed with high performance. The setup allows not only vector based processing, but also the transfer and processing of high volume remote sensing data. You can easily use your own software on cloudeo Workbench - just upload it, install it and start using it together with your data or data from cloudeo.

Once connected, you can get to work, using all data and applications provided by cloudeo. Your workbench is just as easy to use as your computer on your desk, but whenever you need help or want to learn more contact us at If you have any further questions, our team of IT- and geoexperts will be happy to help you.

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Start date
E.g., 2019-10-23



Delivery time 

A few business days

Access Mode 

Webaccess with standard browser


Horizon View Client


Workbench Configuration 

The cloudeo Workbench comes in 4 options: Basic, Standard, Standard PLUS and Professional. You can forget about backups - we do it for you. During your subscription time we backup your workbench daily. After you have closed your workbench we can archive it for you. Whenever you like to restart, your last status of work will be at your fingertips.

  Basic Standard Standard PLUS Professional
Access to remote sensing and geodata
Upload own data x x x x
DaaS - Data as a Service x x x x
Access to software and analytics
Install own software x x x x
SaaS - Software as a Service x x x x
Checkout and publishing of results
Publish results as OGC webservice - x x x
Checkout results as file x x x x
CloudEO Professional Service
Archiving of workbench - 1 year 1 year 2 years
Secure private account x x x x
GeoIT support x x x x
Daily backup of workbench x x x x
Number of backup versions kept 1 3 3 7
Virtual Machine
CPU (cores) 4 4 4 8
RAM (GB) 8 16 16 32
Workbench storage (GB) 150 (HDD) 150 (HDD) 200 (SSD) 200 (SSD)
Attached network storage (GB) - 250 500 500
Operating system Win 7, 64 Bit Win 7, 64 Bit Win 7, 64 Bit Win 7, 64 Bit

An individually configured workbench is available on demand. You can select between different options for: CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD/SSD, NAS, OS (Linux/Windows)

Customer Feedback 

  • Mark Knapp, East View Geospatial
    "The Workbench from cloudeo enhances our organization’s ability to scale analysis and production to match ever-changing customer requirements. The agile environment features cutting-edge geospatial tools and information, enabling us to efficiently develop solutions for a wide range of end users. Whether innovating big data strategies or tailoring source material to unique specifications, we depend on Workbench to implement impactful assessments."
  • Markus Sauerbier, MFB GeoConsulting GmbH
    "The cloudeo Workbench provides an interesting option to make use of licensed remote sensing software on earth observation data. We used the Workbench and can state that working and display performance is that fast that we did not notice working with a cloud-based user interface instead of a desktop PC. Various earth observation data from a wide variety of different sensors are made available and the data can be used as a service or locally if required. We can fully recommend the cloudeo Workbench for professional geoprocessing!"

Pricing / Licensing 

The cloudeo Workbench is available on a monthly basis. The payment is due at the beginning of the subscription period with discounts for longer subscription terms. Academic discounts are available. Special bundle prices are available together with geodata or geosoftware. cloudeo Terms & Conditions apply.